A vision on future; Paradigm

i.s.m. Academie Artemis

Today we live in a consumer society where everything is focused on ownership. People are forced to buy more and more to show their identity instead of an identity, which is based on “being”. We will eventually run out of all raw materials as a consequence of this development. 


In order to overcome this challenge, our way of thinking has to change fundamentally.  In a society where everything is focused on service instead of ownership, companies have to start producing sustainable and efficient products and they have to make sure raw materials will not get lost or wasted. Sharing this so called service with others will play a major role in this revised economy. This fundamental change basically means the end of ownership. 


Technique will be of major importance in this revised economy, solutions -not problems - will be created. This arising new revenue model is a triple win for consumers, business and the environment. Nowadays our society is organized like no one is responsible for the consequences of

their actions anymore. A producer makes a product and after selling this product the responsibility moves towards the one who bought it. So in the end, the client is responsible for the mistakes the producer has made. 

People should be aware of the fact that we are guests on the earth and not the guest host. 

In order to create this way of thinking, our perspective of the world has to change fundamentally. There must be a paradigm shift but also sharing products and services will become an issue of major importance. 


This change of perspective is quite simple, but prodigious uncomfortable. Everyone will be responsible for the consequences of their own actions again. Identity is no longer focused on ownership but focused on ‘being’.