During the ‘40’s, George Orwell pointed out that every individual in our society is being watched, like having ‘Big Brother’ watching over our shoulders. Fast forward to nowadays, ‘Big Brother’ is replaced by a relative. She’s secretly watching us without us knowing, this ‘Sneaky Little Sister’.

In a time when the number of users of the social network is larger than ever before, people seem numb, people seem to accept and believe all information they are presented. The social network creates a world that keeps us small and prevents us from looking beyond our boundaries.

By the use of complicated algorithms, we only get to see content that appeals to us, based on our preferences and values.

As a result, our society becomes more and more divided into separate minorities. We all live in a world where our own world is truth.


‘Sneaky Little Sister’ is a trend forecast, for the year 2021, inspired by the digital age in which we live. It serves as a shout-out to the grip that the social network has on society.


‘Sneaky Little Sister’ connects control of the brain to control of the body and invites the reader to review our controlled ways of thinking.


A vision on future; Sneaky Little Sister

i.s.m. FOAM x Academie Artemis


To let people experience the uncomfortability of being controlled in our online behavior, I decided to make an exhibition proposal. This exhibition offers the experience what control of the human brain looks like when it express itself in control of the human body.

In collaboration with Foam, the exhibition also offered a conceptual photoseries to complete the experience.


Styling, concept, production // Yasmin Groot

Fotografie // José van Riele

Model 1 // Filiz Groot

Model 2 // Sven van Schaik

Visagie // Emine Tozan @ JDO Academy

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1. Fictieve expositie Foam.jpg