Making visual stories from intrinsic brand values.

At three years of age I decided to grab my chance in a moment of being unguarded and gave the newly painted white wall of my parents a bit more colour. Proudly I answered "Drawing for daddy", when my mum looked at me with a surprised glance. 22 years later and lots of creative experiments down the road I feel that Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and other similar forms of creation are my second nature. A second nature that I get enthusiastic about, but even more makes me curious to the wide world in front of me and can provide me with new insights.
Although I realize that even as a creative person I need to take into account the commercial responsibility of a product or service, I feel every day how much I have profited from the unlimited creative experiments. 
I am passionate about my work, I see oportunities where others see limitations and I am prepared to give everything for the ultimate, unique result. Because the initial disappointment of dreaming too big does not outweigh the taste of success of an idea with limitations. As a driven visual addict my main interests are in visual communication, art, video, culture and social trend development. I have attention for detail and have strong communication skills. In everything I do, I look at the bigger picture and use that to create collaborations with a positive mark.



IDTV // January - August

Junior Creative

Develop new (online) concepts, support creative department, development productions. Translate customers’ communication requests to innovative and working concepts in the field of video, events and online. Take care of keeping creative and strategic plan in operation. Visualize concepts so that they are presentable and marketable.


YASMIN GROOT // September - present

Freelance creative

Curiosity // concept and content different clients (social, online, etc.)

New Amsterdam Film Company // concept campagne Bijenkorf

NewBe // online format RedBull

ICP // concept event Hartstichting


Youngworks // October - present


Research and observe new developments

and trends among young people.


Justcurious // May - December

Junior Creative (8 months project)

Develop and visualize new concepts, brand strategies and projects. Design visual identity.


Shoes4all // February - July

Creative (6 months project)

Concept and product development. Shopping trips for new trends. Organization fair in Italy, design visual communication.


Hema // January 2013 - January 2016


Junior creative

 Concept development, design of artworks, technical drawings and guidance of creative projects.


Responsible for collecting and analyze market data and keeping track of the revenues. Maintaining contact with suppliers, spotting trends, approving samples and producing periodic reports.

Productmanager intern


''The initial disappointment of dreaming too big does not outweigh the taste of success of an idea with limitations.''