Concept referral campaign

i.s.m. Jonge honden x Vandebron

Vandebron is a Dutch green energy supplier with a mission: to transform the energy market and work towards a transition to 100% green and local energy in the Netherlands. They work with local independent producers of renewable energy, such as farms with wind turbines on their property. If they want to accelerate the transition and be a serious competitor in this market, they will need to convince more customers to switch to Vandebron.


Come up with an innovative idea to boost referral to Vandebrons current customers. Vandebron wants them to know more about the possibilities of the referral program and to get them enthusiastic about

the idea of convincing their friends and family to join the Vandebron community. Show them what's in it for them. On the other hand, this idea must be interesting for the receiver (potential new customers) as well. When they receive an invitation from their friends/ family for Vandebron, we want them to have a smile on their face. A wow-moment! It needs to be clear that Vandebron is the sender and there needs to be a good balance between the discount and Vandebrons mission.

Curious about Vandebron? Check their website: